Nolef Turns Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that was established in 2016 to build a network of resources for individuals with court and justice involvement to thrive post-conviction. Our goals are to fight against our unjust judicial system and to help end mass incarceration. We focus on the fight to allow justice-involved individuals to live a fair and self-sufficient life after they have completed all of the requirements of crime and punishment, as determined by the law. Most importantly, we fight to help those affected by the criminal and juvenile legal systems to maintain a stable support system and we support the leadership of those who are directly impacted by mass incarceration and court involvement, while engaging the support of those who are not directly impacted. This includes all stakeholders that are affected - children of incarcerated parents, caregivers of those left behind when a loved one is incarcerated, the communities in which returning citizens live and work, and mainly YOU. You are a vital part of uplifting our communities and strengthening our economy. You are potentially one of the greatest partners we will have in the fight for better lives for people who have felony convictions.
During COVID-19, we continue to serve our communities in a virtual/no-contact manner. We work hard to bring food, hygiene, cleaning and personal supplies to our neighbors in need by doing drop boxes. We provide temporary shelter for those released from prison during this pandemic to ensure we curb the spread from the inside to our communities, and we are providing eviction support for those with past convictions in order to stay in their homes. We are providing virtual re-entry services to ensure that we maintain our 0% re-incarceration rate and that all of our participants continue to have access to the resources they need.
Join us in becoming a part of criminal justice reform; join us as a part of changing our outlook on crime and punishment. 


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