Elegant Snakes vs. Unique Zebras

Nature is definitely a sight of beauty. The rustles of leaves, the whispers of the wind... even its habitants. The slithering snakes and the galloping zebras are only two examples of the many typical yet unforgettable beings of nature.

Snakes are beguiling creatures that when captured into a jewelry design will produce such an elegant vibe to it. However, zebras are also famous for their unique and distinguishable design. When given a choice, which one do you prefer?

Snakes vary in species, so we decided to spice up the patterns of the jewelry just as much. But one uniform structure remain in every design, no matter if it's an earring or a bracelet; it's the curling position of a snake. With complimentary gemstones, colors and pattern engravings, this jewelry is the perfect element to complete a tight tube dress for a night with the ladies or a slim, sophisticated dress for a special night with your significant other.

The iconic black and white stripes; a pattern that has been around since the 1960s. An absolute classic with a tinge of uniqueness to it. Being portrayed into a piece of jewelry is an absolute priviledge to wear when inquiring an ornament to compliment a simple white blouse or a typical sleeve-less. The contrast of the black and the white contributes to the simplicity of the garment paired with it. Together with the help of the bright summer sun and the glistening silver, this zebra motif will surely attract anyone who lays their eyes upon it.

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