Keeping it simple.

Jewelry is not always a 'too fancy' garment to wear, it can be worn almost anywhere. But when it comes down to which jewelry is more preferable to wear any time of the day, I would suggest simple ones such as these,

1. The Sliver Link Bracelet

This silver link bracelet is definitely a simple garment worth wearing with your everyday shirt and bottoms. The simple design of this jewelry compliments patterned and/or bright colored clothing. For a jewelry that doesn't stand out much, it's able to complete a colorful summer look. With the detailed etches of the crocodile motif and simple chain configuration, this jewelry is a perfect companion for a casual, everyday look.

2. The Amethyst Bezel Silver Necklace

Our amethyst-bezeled silver necklace is definitely one of the rare garments that won't crowd your neck when you're wearing a collared shirt or a turtleneck. This piece of jewerly has both the qualities of elegance and simplicity. The silver is carefully engraved with an evident pattern that lifts its quality into a whole new level of simple jewelry. Another addition is the bezeled amethyst; it contributes to the elegance of the piece. Even with its deep, rich plum color, it will compliment colors from sumptuous dark colors such as: olive, firebrick, goldenrod and even black; to chic light colors such as: salmon, cyan, cornsilk and white. A perfect addition to complete an everday, sophisticated look.

3. The Cable Wire Silver Ring

Simple and unique, a garment that is suitable for shoppers who seek simplicity and individuality. The cable wire configuration of the silver is what makes this piece a simple jewelry to wear, but when paired with the Balinese pattern design on the top of the ring, this piece radiates a certain vibe that captures people's attention. This piece is most suitable for casual use where jewelry aren't necessarily needed but able to complete a look any time. Try wearing it with ripped jeans, tank tops or fishnet sweaters, it will surely be your every clothing's best friend.

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